What Is An Easy Way To Find Home Decor For A Pleasant Featured Design

What is an easy way to find home decor for a pleasant featured design Mohit Bansal Chandigarh
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After creating furniture and building interiors of your home it is important that you start curating and collecting home decor for pleasant feature design. Home decor is very important because it enhances the interior and furnishing of your house. It gives the final touches to your house. There are many places in India itself where you can collect home decor for your home. 

Here are a few home decor stores in India which you must pay a visit – 

Online websites 

  1. Decor remedy 
  2. Good earth 
  3. Gulmohar lane 
  4. Indus people 
  5. The label life 
  6. Amazon 
  7. Myntra 

In stores 

  1. Ikea 
  2. Home centre 
  3. At Home 
  4. Westside Home 
  5. D decor 
  6. HM Home 
  7. Pepperfry 

It is important that at the start of shifting into your new house you at least get basic home decor items which are necessary for your abode. If you don’t have an interior designer don’t worry we have got you covered.  

1. Teapots 

Teapots | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

The teapot is frequently the first item used in households during times of joy or consolation. Families come together over the rich scent and soothing flavour of the tea as soon as there are symptoms of happiness, illness, grief, or a memorable event. Teapots today come in a wide range of styles, from vintage porcelain to more contemporary insulated ones. They can serve as a centrepiece or be admired for their beauty and design. Many teapots have been handed down through the years, adding a personal touch to the interior design of the home. So if you find a vintage teapot grab that as soon as possible. 

2. Vases 

 Vases | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Vases have one of the oldest histories among all the household items. Ancient Greece is the birthplace of the oldest known vases, which were primarily created for utilitarian purposes such the storage of food, medicine, oils, and water. Vases composed of glass, crystal, and ceramic are utilized to complete our home’s interior design. They are prized for their beauty and aesthetic features in addition to being used as a receptacle for exhibiting real or artificial flowers. 

3. Organizers 

 Organizers | Mohit Bansal chandigarh

The notion of storage as a design feature, where the systems not only keep our possessions organized but do so in an appealing way, was developed in response to the demand for storage. This is accomplished by using containers and furnishings that have been intelligently designed to optimize both appearance and structure. For example – For individuals who wish to permanently arrange their tool collection, modular garage units are very popular and offer complete flexibility. These units are made of wall-mounted panels that may be customized by the homeowner with a variety of hooks and storage. 

4. Carpets and Rugs 

Carpets and Rugs | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Hardly anything feels better under your feet than a rug. They provide a layer of cosiness that no other floor covering can equal. Rugs have been utilized as home accessories for countless years since they come in countless designs, colours, and styles. You can either for modern rugs or even vintage rugs.  

5. Indoor plants 

Indoor plants | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Houseplants are a terrific addition to any house since they not only look nice but also have a therapeutic effect. According to studies, plants also neutralize hazardous compounds like formaldehyde and polyethylenes in addition to removing carbon dioxide from the air and converting it to oxygen. These substances, which have been related to respiratory and other ailments, are naturally present in a variety of household furnishings, floors, and paints. English ivy, bamboo, snake plants, and spider plants are some of the greatest plants for enhancing air quality.

6. Paintings and wall hangings 

Paintings and wall hangings  | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

There is no doubt that art is subjective. You can never be too creative when it comes to designing this premium piece of real estate in your house, much like jewellery for your walls. Wall décor is essential for designing a fashionable house, regardless of your taste in classic prints, oil or acrylic on canvas, or something a bit more bohemian or futuristic, like macrame, wall weavings, tapestries, or display cubbies.

7. Decorative mirrors

Mirrors contribute to completing the aesthetic of any area in a similar way as wall art. Depending on their shape (round or square), frame (metal or wood), size (small or large), and placement (in the entryway, hallway, bathroom, or bedroom), mirrors may change the atmosphere of a space while also adding extra light.    

8. Lights 

Lighting may have a decorative role in addition to serving its primary goal. To improve the sheen of your home, install a combination of work lighting, decorative lighting, and utility lighting. Additionally, use LED lighting for a greener home because it uses less energy and has a longer shelf life. Based on the scale of the house, you may choose large chandeliers for the entryway and living room; choose gentle lighting for the bedrooms; and a brilliant light for the study and kitchen.

These were some of the home decor items which you definitely need for your new house. 

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