What are the different changes from a traditional room to a modern look for a bedroom?

What are the different changes from a traditional room to a modern look for a bedroom Mohit Bansal Chandigarh
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Modern interiors are contemporary.  Modern houses will make you feel relaxed and genuinely appreciate your environment since they have less clutter and a zen aesthetic. In newer residences and urban settings, sleek, contemporary design is undoubtedly much simpler to discover. What if, though, your location is distinctly more traditional? You could feel left out of the trend if you adore the modern design look but your house is more conventional. Be at ease! Even the most traditional homes can be updated. You may enjoy your newly designed room by incorporating some current design principles. 

Here are some tips to change your traditional room to a modern look bedroom – 

1. Play with the colours 

Play with the colours | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Now if your bedroom is traditional it may have many bright colours but you need to change them as soon as possible because modern bedrooms don’t do bright colours, modern rooms should have neutral and subtle colours. Even if you are into more colourful rooms you can go for pastel colours but definitely avoid the brights.  Keep in mind that you have to create a colour palette which blends together and looks put together. If you don’t like beige colours and we understand you because even though it falls in the modern category it has become very common what you can do is use High contrast hues to contribute to the crisp, uncluttered sense that is so typical of modern design. To assist give your house crisper edges, avoid the subdued beige and instead use black, cream, white, and other dramatic hues. For example, updating old cabinets with black hardware on white ones. Or, add a few brightly coloured houseplants to a space that is otherwise plain and white. Modern spaces don’t need to be overrun with colour, but when you do use it, make sure it has a strong visual effect. 

2. Add bigs frames to your room 

 Add bigs frames to your room | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

You should have some room left over for art and décor because modern design emphasizes making the most of empty space. Why use six photographs when one will do in contemporary design? By using larger, more graphical elements, you may reduce clutter while maintaining individuality and visual intrigue. One large item, or even several of the same, smaller pieces, may bring interest to a room that may be lacking in architecture. You can do this by replacing your mismatched gallery wall with these alternatives. 

3. Use lighter fabrics 

Use lighter fabrics | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

The pinnacle of the style used to be thick curtains, but modern shades feel much lighter. In fact, modern homes typically have striking, light, and airy materials throughout. Light linen and cotton, as opposed to rich brocade or floral, give a space an updated air. You’ll see that changing your room’s linens and materials is a simple, affordable change that has a significant impact. Substitute colourful blinds or linen shades for heavy drapes. Swap out your oversized cushions and furnishings with modern styles with graphic designs that highlight the design of your furniture. Alternately, swap out your thick wool rug for one made of imitation leather or even lightweight seagrass. 

4. Emphasis on storage 

 Emphasis on storage | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Decluttering and getting rid of the things you don’t use or need is the first step in any remodelling, whether you’re replacing one piece or the entire house. In addition, a contemporary home tends to adhere to the philosophy of “less is more.”

Keep as many objects hidden as you can; only leave those that you use frequently or that are more practical to see than to keep hidden. Invest in attractive bins or drawers for storage if you can.

5. New lighting 

New lighting | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

You may employ ambient, task, and accent lighting in three different lighting layers. Every space will benefit from ambient lighting, sometimes referred to as overhead lighting, as it emits the ideal amount of brilliance.

For people who, for instance, lead busy professional lives and frequently find themselves working from home, task lighting is a terrific option. It offers powerful lighting so you can work comfortably and without feeling eye problems.

6. Do not forget your bathroom 

Do not forget your bathroom | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

The greatest difference is made by the little things. For instance, why not simply paint over the existing tiles rather than purchasing new ones and paying thousands of rupees for labour? Most hardware stores have special paint that is resistant to harm brought on by moisture and water.

The vanity sink is one thing we do advise replacing. Pick one that mounts on the wall for a more modern appearance.

These were some of the tips which you take help of and apply in your own bedroom or house when you are looking to modernize it. 

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