What are Some Very Frugal Ways to Decorate your Home?

What are some very frugal ways to decorate your home
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After a pandemic, it is not necessary that everyone to have a huge budget to decorate their house or redecorate it and we understand you and hence have even come up with an article which will help you to decorate your home in a frugal way because our end goal is to satisfy our budget! 

Here are some frugal ways to decorate your home – 

1. Bring in the comfort you and your house deserve

Your house has pillows for two purposes. One is that they can significantly boost the elegance factor if properly chosen. Two, they give your visitors a little extra comfort on the couch and give your rooms a cozy, layered appearance. If you select pillows that are soft and big enough to relax on, the comfort factor speaks for itself. In terms of size, you should steer clear of the typical range of 12 to 18 inches for a throw pillow. Pick something bigger instead, like a 22-inch cushion cover filled with 24-inch inserts. Don’t scrimp on the pillow inserts; down-filled pillows are the only option if you want to achieve a luxurious, sophisticated look. Pillows will be cheap if you pick them from antique stores rather than from any branded stores and of course you can buy any square-sized pillow and throw beautiful pillow sheets on top of them! 

2. Give attention to your windows as well 

It’s obvious that a house without window coverings will appear unfinished and low-quality. Fortunately, window treatments are among the most economical methods to give your house some class and much-needed solitude. Make wise decisions when picking out window coverings or in an easier language we call them curtains or shades or drapes. For instance, even though unlined lightweight materials are the least expensive alternative, they appear awfully cheap. It is advised that you stay away from transparent fabrics. This does not preclude you from purchasing ready-made curtains. Many chain retailers sell lined curtains that, despite being affordable, look attractive and expensive. Keep your window curtains attractive by using materials like natural silk, linen, and cotton (polyester or man-made fabrics usually look cheap).  You can go for long drapes or even the roman shades which can be rolled up when you need the sunlight. 

3. Time for new hardware 

 Time for new hardware | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

It is true that when you enter a home improvement store, a wall-length of drawer handles and knobs greets you. But that’s precisely the time to turn around and leave the room. Although the bulk hardware is cheap, it is also of poor quality and has a tacky appearance. You can find attractive, more expensive-looking pieces elsewhere for a few extra bucks, albeit not enough to break the bank. The best locations to look are smaller hardware stores, flea markets, and antique stores. Heavy-duty, expensive-looking drawer knobs and pulls are available for a lot less money, giving your home the stylish and distinctive appearance you want. 

4. Bring in small decor items to make your home look more polished. 

Bring in small decor items to make your home look more polished. | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Most typical homes lack the finishing touches required to give the room a truly exquisite feel. Contrary to popular belief, accessorizing does not require a significant increase in spending. If you think in terms of gold, there are numerous inexpensive methods to beautify your house while staying within your means. As long as there isn’t an excessive amount of gold in one area, gold, which is linked to richness and riches, can instantly evoke an air of elegance. Decorate with gold mirrors, picture frames, or one of the trendy, contemporary gold-legged tables that are starting to appear in designer showrooms. 

5. Biggest decor tip – Keep your house clean 

Biggest decor tip - Keep your house clean | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Surprisingly, one of the cheapest methods to decorate your home tastefully is absolutely free. You only need to clean and organize your home. Vacuuming and dusting once a week might truly give your house a luxurious feel. Second, cleaning makes it possible to swiftly remove stains and spots from area rugs, preventing damage and a worn-out appearance. You can say the same with your furniture. Additionally, clean your windows so that natural light can easily enter the space, giving it an inviting appearance. Finally, keeping your house clean on a regular basis helps you reduce clutter. Not only does it make you feel better about your house, but it also makes the other components, such as the flooring, paint, lighting, and accessories, truly pop. 

These were some of the ways in which you can easily decorate your home while staying within the budget as well.

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