Wardrobe Design Ideas For Bedroom

Wardrobe Design Ideas For Bedroom Bansal Chandigarh
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The wardrobe is probably one of the most important spaces for us in the whole house. This is where all of our personal belongings are. Different people have different needs for their wardrobe, some want it spacious, some want it luxurious looking or some people just need a simple looking wardrobe. Well, one thing you should keep in mind is that wardrobes also define the structure of your bedroom. Either it can make your bedroom look very spacious or very conjured it depends upon you and your interior designer and how you design it. To help you in such decisions we have come up with various designs or ideas for your wardrobe in your bedroom. Keep reading further to know about some amazing designs.

1. Balance between storage and space

Balance between storage and space | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

If you live in an apartment or flat, don’t fill every square inch of your bedroom with a wardrobe. Always keep in mind that storage and empty areas are both equally important in overall designing or building a bedroom. Simply said, you want storage just as much as you require space in your house. So that your bedroom will be breathable and every time you enter your bedroom you will get relaxing vibes rather than conjured vibes. They must be complementary to one another. The wardrobe in a tiny bedroom should also be light in color.

2. Dedicated wardrobes

 Dedicated wardrobes | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

If you live in a large villa or big house, single-purpose wardrobes are a luxury and excellent choice. The multi-functionality of the wardrobe is especially important in smaller households. You need to have a dedicated wardrobe whether for one category of items or multi-functionality. Your wardrobe should be designed so that you can conveniently keep all of your items within. It should also contain adequate room for belts, ties, socks, handkerchiefs, boots, towels, and toiletries, among other things.

3. Sliding wardrobe

Sliding wardrobe | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

In terms of design, glass sliding wardrobe doors have a lot to offer. Their simple, classic finish exudes elegance and quickly adds subtle sophistication, as it does in this bedroom’s dressing area. Because the contents are on show, take note of how the interiors of the closet are organized — for both convenience and style. Glass also can magically extend a place, making it appear larger and more open. Instead of glass, you can also use a mirror. So if you have a small place, instead of dedicating a whole wall to a mirror or dressing area you can just add a mirror to the wardrobe to save space.

4. Take care of the compartments

Take care of the compartments | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Wardrobes must contain a few key compartments and the rest must be style-appropriate. One of them is a well-balanced combination of room for hanging shirts, coats, skirts, dresses, and sarees. Also necessary is a stacking area for shirts, bulkier items such as winter gear, or rolled-up blankets. Depending on your collection, you might pick from mid to long hanging places, as well as little shelves to stack casuals. Drawers are an important feature of the wardrobe because they provide quick access to back corners and are more convenient to use than shelves at the lower level. Different drawer depths are appropriate for certain components. Little compartments for inners/delicates and small trays for accessories/watches.

5. Closet wardrobes or walking wardrobes

Closet wardrobes or walking wardrobes | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

If you have a large bedroom with loads of space then you must give walk-in wardrobes your top priority. Because this gives a more luxurious feeling than any other design. They have been on trend since the 2000s and nobody has stopped gushing over them. Walk-In wardrobes are perfect for those who have huge spaces in their bathroom as well. You can attach your walk -In wardrobe to the bathroom or give it a dedicated space in the bedroom.

6. Protect your wardrobe

Protect your wardrobe | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Your clothing may have a new home, but they still require attention, especially if you’ve chosen open shelves. To keep moths at bay, store sweaters in transparent plastic bags, gloves and hats in acid-free paper, and everything else in marked boxes. Shoes may be stored in transparent, stackable plastic boxes, and purses will appreciate being kept in a fabric bag.

7. Design according to gender

Design according to gender | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Yes, there are separate wardrobes for man and woman, with ideally distinct compositions. More hangers work well in men’s closets since they have more shirts, trousers, and coats. A couple of racks and drawers for belts and shirts are generally plenty. For folded sarees, skirts, shirts, and short and long outfits, ladies like to utilize short, medium, and long hanging space. Scarves, stoles, and other accessories require hooks or smaller shelves. Smaller objects can be stored in more drawers.

8. Multifunctional wardrobe

Multifunctional wardrobe | Mohit Bansal  Chandigarh

Why limit your closet to just being a place to store things when it can be so much more? Your bedroom should be a place where you can unwind and rest. What could be more soothing than lying in bed watching TV? When opposed to having a separate TV unit, combining a TV unit with a wardrobe saves a lot of space. Not to add that it appears to be very contemporary. You may include display shelves in your closet rather than installing separate shelves. A distinctive bedroom will be created by mixing personal decorations and exhibits.

9. Translucent doors

Translucent doors | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

The master bedroom’s luxury appeal is enhanced by this stunning wardrobe design. The translucent doors and silver borders add to the glamorous appeal that is the characteristic of trendy bedrooms, while the sliding doors are a practical need for the wardrobe.

10. Shoe rack and dressing unit

Shoe rack and dressing unit | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Purchasing a separate cabinet for your shoes entails adding another piece of furniture to your home. Wardrobes with shoe storage are typical in city residences. The footwear storage area is always built towards the bottom of the closet. Why not join your dresser with your closet? This is not only good use of space, but it also saves time while getting ready in the morning. To equip the wardrobe with a dressing unit, you can utilize a single wall.

11. Elevated cupboard

Elevated cupboard | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

If storage is your top priority elevated cupboard or elevated wardrobe should be the option you should go for. The elevated cupboard is generally touched to the ceiling of your room this also gives an illusion of a taller ceiling. This is a sort of wardrobe that you may build on top of your bedroom’s wardrobe frame. It takes up less room and provides greater storage for items such as books, luggage, and other necessities. Or They may be placed above the level of the bed, making it convenient to use at any time.

12. Vintage wardrobe

Vintage wardrobe | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

If the whole vibe of your bedroom is vintage or antique then a vintage wardrobe is exactly what you should go for. It can be in the color of greys or have a woody texture or a rustic color. The inside compartments can also have the same texture. Nothing says luxury like a lovely, romantic, feminine, and proudly vintage antique closet design element. A local antique furniture shop or online vendors might help you select an antique wardrobe design. Intricate decorations like marquetry, gilding, parquetry, or inlays are common in antique closets. The nuts and bolts may have little or no taper, misaligned slots on the head, and a considerably shallower spiral, and the wood is either oak, mahogany, walnut, or pine.

13. Monochromatic wardrobes

Monochromatic wardrobes | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Monochromatic coloring is more than just selecting a color and decorating everything with it, whether it’s in apparel, house décor, or closet decor. The use of many variants (tints, tones, and hues) in monochrome closet designs with dressing tables creates a peaceful impression. If you don’t want to use vivid colors, go with wooden cabinets and light-colored flooring. Use LED strip lighting on each shelf or gooseneck or cage lighting fixtures on the walls or ceiling to bring out the warm colors of the wood.

14. Study table attached

Study table attached | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

You may simply include your desired wardrobe design without compromising your working station, even in houses with limited space. You may maximize wall space by choosing a wall-to-ceiling wardrobe with sliding doors, overhead cabinets, a floating shelf, a floating test, and two drawers, as well as a low-rise chair. If the room is for adults, go with a monochrome color plan; if it’s for kids, add pops of color to the wardrobe design by laminating the closet doors and overhead cabinets in bright yellow and teal or using a creative wallpaper.

15. Floating wardrobe

Floating wardrobe | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

If you don’t want your wardrobe to be touching both the ceiling as well as the tiles then you may go for the floating wardrobe design where there is space or open compartments from the bottom after which the wardrobe starts. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the size of a hanging wardrobe shelf, but make sure it doesn’t exceed the size of the bracket or the wardrobe support will be compromised. These types of wardrobes hang from the wall. You can add a circular mirror in your bedroom with these types of wardrobes.

16. Transitional wardrobe

Transitional wardrobe | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

A transitional wardrobe design with a dressing table may offer an attractive storage area while being aesthetically acceptable if you don’t have separate closet space in your room and want to make creative use of the bedroom wall space. Include closet components such as an illuminated shelf, hanging sections, drawers, and hampers with unique mirror backing to make the most of a transitional dressing with a wardrobe. A built-in transitional wardrobe with bespoke vented toe-kicks, open shelves, shaker drawers, and doors with glass inserts may also be combined.

Standard storage for your clothing and certain accessories is included in most store-bought wardrobes with dressing tables. Using a designer’s assistance to create your wardrobe design may be a fantastic way to compartmentalize your clothing depending on your individual needs, style, and personality. You may experiment with different shelf systems, put glass into drawer screens and closet doors, and add other unique touches to match your wardrobe.

Overall, consider your style and everyday clothing requirements when purchasing a wardrobe with a dressing table, and you will not be disappointed. A modular sliding door wardrobe design would match the area better than a color or vintage closet if your room represents the modern monotone style with sleek furnishings and minimal décor.

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