How To Stay Environment Friendly and Save Money

When you buy a home, in most of the cases it puts a huge financial burden. The hefty monthly installments alone scrape half of the income then comes the utility bills and groceries and whatnot. It gets harder and harder to stay environment friendly and save money for the future.

But there is a way that not just help you save money, also reduces your carbon footprint. It is a widespread fact now that going green is the future investment. So, how can you cut the cost of energy, what are the minor tricks and techniques that can reduce the expenses, we will tell you now.

Insulation of the House

Insulation of the House Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Keeping insulation inside the house is a bigger challenge than insulating the house. You might use your HVAC machine or simple chimney, either way in winters your bills are going up. Even if the price of oil dips, you are still looking forward to a significant billing amount. There are few easy ways that can keep your house insulated, some ways are cheap and some are costly. Since the aim is to save money, let us emphasize on cheap or rather free tricks.

Uses of thick window curtains. Apart from using a good quality window door, curtains are also necessary. The thicker curtain will prevent heat to escape. Keep the chimneys plugged when not using. Chimneys are hideous, they suck all the heat and sends it outside the house. You do not want that hence have it closed. Another trick is to plug the little gape below the doors. Use items that are of not any use, make a snug and put it shut the gaping door bottom.

This trick allows the house to stay warm prevents you to use more energy in heating the house, reduces the energy emission and the bills are happy.

Sealing the Doors and Windows

Sealing the Doors and Windows Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

The important question to ask here is how to make your windows and doors compatible for all the weather conditions. You want to make your house cool in summers and hot in winters. Hence the material used in doors and windows will play a major role. How they are fitted is uniquely important as the crevices beneath above and side of doors will leak the hot and cold air outside. Which is something you are trying hard to avoid? If this thing continues, you will be needing your AC to work harder i.e. extra burden on the power, same goes to the heater in the winters. You need to place good type of curtains as well that stops the sun to come in during hot weathers while allowing the sun heat to enter the house in winters. Before any seasonal change, do check your windows and doors for additional repair, tinting or replacement.

Use Low Energy Consuming Appliances

Use Low Energy Consuming Appliances Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

If you take a look at the previous decade, the home appliances then were pretty greedy in terms of power consumption. Appliances such as refrigerators, HVAC units, freezers, laundry machines, they all took loads of energy and generated scary bills. The case is just not the same now. The machines are much more energy efficient comes with an energy rating. The higher the ratings, the less energy they use. Now if you are heading into hot or cold weather, make sure your appliances are energy rated and if not, change it. Because if you do not, the older appliances will suck all your money and that is a nightmare for everyone. Do give them all a roundup.

Check your Bathroom for Leaking Taps and Faucets

Check your Bathroom for Leaking Taps and Faucets Mohit Bansal

There is nothing like a good hot shower in a nerve freezing cold day. But what if you come home to see all the hot water has been leaked out and only a little is left. You again wait for the water to get hot before you take a shower. But you are going to have to use the geysers again which will consume more power, meaning more bills. Plus leaking taps or shower is not good for bathrooms life.

Replace Conventional Light Bulbs and Habits

Replace Conventional Light Bulbs and Habits Mohit Bansal

New generation light bulbs are way more energy efficient and less harmful and have more operational life. Earlier, the light bulb had a wire filament which emits light when heated with electricity. The life span, however, was short and electricity consumption was high. The iteration i.e. CFL was harmful to the environment as well as for a human. The latest LED bulbs are revolutionary, they are not harmful, they consume very less electricity and survive for very long.

Another important thing is the habit of switching off lights when not using them. It is a habit that needs to be developed for the better of your future. Further, use natural light sources during the daytime to minimize the use of light bulbs and it can be achieved by installing more glass openings or ventilation points.

Plant lots of Plants

Plant lots of Plants Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

During summers, plant help absorb the heat and keeps the nearby environment cool and beautiful. In Winters they prevent cold air to hit the house directly. Although the usage is much more practical for summers.

Saving money is like an investment in future. Only by small steps and combining fractions you can secure the upcoming days ahead of you. And to do so, not only you’ll have to change your habits but must upgrade your appliances and equipment as well.

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