Let The Nature Talk: Nature Inspired Interior Decor

Mohit Bansal Chandigarh
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Many things in nature can help us with our home design and make them look like they work well together. We provide a few suggestions below on how to harness the natural world’s inspiration and utilize it to allow us to make greater harmonious design choices for our houses.

When in doubt, resorting to nature for encouragement is one of the easiest and most instructive design recommendations to follow. Natural textures and materials have a rich history in our houses, offering a sense of tranquillity that only nature can deliver. We are innately drawn to natural environs, and it is practically universal for humans to discover not just great beauty, but also profound consolation in nature. Most of what we as humans think is attractive is controlled by natural ‘laws’ or principles. Interior design ideas for 2022 emphasize natural materials and subdued colors.

Complementary Color Schemes

Complementary Color Schemes | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Color is notoriously difficult to get right in any design, despite the fact that it is one of the most influential design decisions. One of the simplest methods to guarantee that our color choices work harmoniously together is to draw inspiration from nature. Natural color choices are harmonious, which we immediately find appealing. When we are at a loss for ideas or are unsure of which colors will work well together, naturally occurring color combinations are an excellent starting point. By choosing a natural setting that appeals to us in terms of color, we might discover ideas and inspiration that complement one another. To adapt a natural landscape into our homes, the simplest method is to snap a photograph and bring it home to analyze in greater detail. We may recreate naturally occurring, harmonious color combinations that work well together by selecting colors from the image.

For Calmness Leave A Lot Of Negative Space 

For Calmness Leave A Lot Of Negative Space  | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

If we wish to instill a sense of tranquility in our interior spaces, the natural world is an excellent source of inspiration. Nature-inspired homes, from color palettes to natural materials, have an innate soothing and relaxing impact. However, an often-overlooked source of inspiration from nature is the relaxing impact that empty or negative space can have on a design. There is more space for our eyes to halt and linger on a few key focal areas of interest when there is less clutter. This design decision promotes a more thoughtful visual experience by naturally encouraging our eyes to focus on and engage with a few key items for a longer period of time rather than hopping about. There is no reason to fill every nook and cranny of a wall. Rather than that, harmony is achieved by a balance of design components and negative space around them. As long as we make deliberate choices about which areas to fill and why our rooms will grow more relaxing and tranquil without seeming empty. 

Decorate With Nature 

Decorate With Nature  | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

From twisted branches to texture-rich dry wood, vibrant wildflowers to long grasses in subdued hues, scouting for natural components to include in our house provides a delightful alternative (or complement) to store-bought flowers. There are several reasons to source decorative pieces from nature, from the benefits of venturing out into nature to gather organically foraged decorative components, to their economic effectiveness, to the distinctive beauty they give to an interior.

Embrace Imperfection 

 Embrace Imperfection | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

We frequently strive to make our places appear as polished as possible, yet nature is rarely spotless or faultless. Natural settings exist in a variety of states of deterioration, from the young and fresh to the elderly, worn, and even decomposing. Translating this concept into interiors may be accomplished by combining the old and the new, the clean and the worn, weathered, and patinaed. Whether it’s a combination of vintage and contemporary pieces of furniture, vintage and contemporary construction elements (such as reclaimed floorboards), or vintage and contemporary surfaces (such as aged copper, marble, or wood), an interior that mixes imperfect items and finishes adds character. Not only is this aesthetic more forgiving than a more difficult-to-live-with minimalist modernist design, but it also adds depth and personality to a space, giving the eye something to find and linger on.

Allow For Time 

Allow For Time  | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Nature’s most stunning creations take time. As with a mature garden or forest, items, and settings that have been allowed to develop and age organically exhibit a sincere type of beauty. While self-control might be difficult, we should strive to feel secure enough to leave items unfished and room for interiors to flourish and change through time. Whether it’s the patina on an individual piece or the organic, dynamic aspect of our home’s overall design, time imparts a distinct charm and warmth to everything. We should anticipate this and cultivate patience and constraint to allow it to occur organically in our environments.

Natural settings are instantly attractive to the eye because they exhibit an order that feels intrinsic to our understanding of design; a type of cosmic harmony that is not arbitrary but serves as the underlying foundation for much of what we find nice and beautiful. We may learn a great deal about design just by looking to nature for inspiration. Nature is an excellent source of inspiration for many designs since it is cost-effective, gratifying, and constantly instructive.


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