Latest Closet Designs For Home Renovation

Mohit Bansal Chandigarh
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Prior to the invention of the internet, cabinets were the primary means of keeping various items. However, as bedroom interior ideas have evolved, a variety of bedroom closets have emerged, adding to the decorating of your space.

Today’s scenario is that a room without a contemporary bedroom wardrobe would appear incomplete since the mess would be evident throughout the space. Today’s closet and wardrobe designs not only provide extra features, but they also add to the decorating of your rooms in a unique way. The greatest bedroom wardrobes are available to provide your rooms the ideal look as per your wishes, whether it’s a little room or a luxurious double bedroom.


Seeking for a wardrobe layout that can be easily relocated from one location to another? You could benefit from the compact bedside cabinet design concepts. This bedroom with wardrobe is generally chosen for the kid’s bedroom since it has a lot of drawers and is easy to DIY.

PORTABLE WARDROBE | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh


Since we’re talking about bedroom closet colours, we’re also swooning about this all-black set with dark reflecting glass! Isn’t it remarkable how well a distinctive wardrobe design like this fits within an American bedroom setting? We certainly believe so!

ALL BLACK CLOSET | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh 1


For that trendy chevron design that looks fantastic in futuristic American homes! Wood, as a material, allows you to create your own design, and you may select from a variety of patterns and textures to enhance the appearance of a plain wooden cupboard. We also like how a basic drawer-turned-platform with a beautiful mirror for company fits inside the cabinet segment.

WOODEN CHEVRON WARDROBE | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh


Do you want to furnish your bedroom with the greatest two-door wardrobes? The bedroom sliding cabinet design will assist you in giving your space a luxurious appearance. Because, unlike hinged doors, a sliding door design like this is perfect for a compact area and saves space. What else do we care about? One door has been left unpainted, while the other has been given a plank-like pattern and painted a gorgeous hues to bring a burst of color to the space.



One could either go with a polished finish with no embellishments or add abstract graphics to your colorful and lacquered doors. In this example, the decorator creates a sense of cohesion in the space by coordinating the furniture to the closet concepts. This closet is famous for providing apartments a classy impression since it is designed with the best view mixing the old and modern style. These bedroom wardrobes and drawers offer your space a clean, basic appeal.


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