Interior Design: Are You Short on Space? These Clever Ideas Will Make Your Apartment Appear Larger

Interior Design Are you short on space
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Since the population is increasing, urbanization increases, and ultimately the flats we see are small in size so that we can fit many flats in a building. Especially in cities like Mumbai. Mumbai is a charming city but the small size flats are one of its biggest cons. But this con can be fixed by simple tips and tricks which you can use to make your house appear bigger and not congested. 

Here are tips to make your house look bigger – 

1. Breathing space for the interior designs 

 Breathing space for the interior designs | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Everything about small space furniture is according to the proportions. If simply, an item is too huge if it bumps up against the room’s edges, either vertically or horizontally do not use it!  Always allow some space between the sides of your furniture and the walls to give the impression that the space is larger. 

Additionally, stay away from bulky, heavy things that take up too much of the room’s useful space. For instance, a modern sofa or chair will offer you the same amount of seating space as its overstuffed sofa while taking up considerably less space.

2. Do not go for heightened furniture 

Do not go for heightened furniture | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Simply by leaving more space above them, furniture that is lower to the ground will give a room a sense of spaciousness. Pick a loft bed for the bedroom or even try putting a mattress right on the floor. Embrace style in the living area with low-to-the-ground midcentury furniture. Alternatively, 19th-century furniture also has a low profile if your preferences lean more toward the romantic and grandiose. 

3. Choose furniture which has space for the air to flow 

Choose furniture which has space for the air to flow | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

A sense of openness and mobility is key to generating the perception of a larger space. Furniture that has been streamlined looks to float in space because it allows light and air to pass not only over it but also under it and around it. Remember that mid-century contemporary furniture is low and lanky. Or take into account the ideal item of floating furniture: the butterfly chair. Just keep in mind that your furniture should have space beneath it in simple words.  

4. Mirror for the delusions 

 Mirror for the delusions | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Use a large framed mirror against a wall or lean one up against a wall. With more style, you’ll achieve the same room-enlarging impression as a mirror wall. Reflecting the space and light will make it appear larger and airier. Add a piece of beveled plate mirror to the top of a coffee table or side table for a similar effect, or buy a mirrored chest of drawers.  

5. Fewer curtains and rugs, more the space 

Fewer curtains and rugs, more the space | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

It all comes down to deceiving the eye, as we saw with mirrors. Even if they don’t completely cover the window, curtains prevent the eye from viewing the view outside. Additionally, curtains and drapes only add additional “stuff” to the space. Getting rid of them keeps the area basic. Consider shutters, lightweight mesh blinds, or cloth blinds if you prefer privacy. If curtains are a must for you, you might also install a bar that goes far beyond the window frame, leaving the window completely exposed. Of course, curtains for sunny days are necessary what you can do is instead of flowing drapes you can opt for roman curtains or slide-up curtains which can curl up and not flow when you don’t need them. And rugs. Look through all the little details in this article. Take note of how few homes have rugs, or if they do, how plain and understated they are. 

6. See-through furniture 

Fewer curtains and rugs, more the space | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Anything beyond will appear further away if you use transparent materials. For instance, replace an opaque glass shower enclosure in a small bathroom with a clear, frameless one. Despite being the same size, the room will appear larger. Even though there are only three additional feet in the view, the effect it makes is significant. You can now see all the way to the wall behind the shower. For tabletops, you can alternatively use glass. The area around the table will allow for a more expansive perspective if it has a strong base made of wood, stone, or metal.   

7. Use the white shades 

 Use the white shades | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

White is reflecting, as we all know. It widens a space, giving it an airy, light, serene feeling. It only makes this cloud-like impression more pronounced to paint the walls and ceiling the same hue of white. Additionally, it helps to obfuscate the distinction between wall and ceiling, which directs your gaze upward and gives the illusion that the ceiling is higher. White is a fantastic choice because it streamlines a space and highlights the architecture in small spaces that can easily look cluttered. 

These were some of the tips which you can use for your house to make it appear bigger and size and give it an illusion of having nice breathing space.

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