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3 Step DIY Home Decor Tips By Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Living in your own home is a privilege. Not only its liability free but you can practically do anything inside it. It’s a place where you make tons of memories that you take away in the after life.

That said, even though it’s yours, there comes a time when the interior decor starts giving you cringes. You get fed up of the same old same old off white walls or that beige 7 seater when your friends are getting a contrast modern makeover. So what you do, especially when you’re so tight on budget? Worry not, Mohit Bansal Chandigarh shares the basic tips and tricks you can use to change the way your house looks.

Make an examination




A house has to face different weathers, calm and extreme ones. The toll are often more damaging than we think making renovation even more difficult. Check out what needs be replaced, what’s rotten or what is manageable.

Make a brief impression of the stuff that you can improve or that require total switching. What can you do with what you have (if you have). Figure out everything and write it down on a paper to form a list. Take inspiration from the unique homes, or similar to yours only with more modern decor.

Plan Thoroughly



Comes the next step of planning where you decide what will be worked on first. You cannot just go blindly changing and fixing stuff. It will only make your jobe harder. Think where do you want to start off. It is the outside like walls, patio, garden/lawn etc. Or want to paint the inside of your home first before changing the 7 seater covers.

After you create an elaborate plan, its time to get them materials you would be needing for the task. But aren’t you forgetting something? Oh right, the budget. You don’t have much and you cannot spend your emergency fund either. Calculate what each of the items would cost. Make a general assumption and see if you can get a hand me down version in good condition.

Action Time



Once you have shopped for everything, its time to bring the plan to action. But remember you have to follow a timeframe. You can’t spend an eternity on doing walls or painting shingles. The inside of home is what will consume most of the time, especially the walls. You’ll have to cover all the belongings and stuff inside in paper of cling film so they don’t catch the paint and dust.

Keep checking how the done parts appear. Do they match the planned contrast color combination. Make no mistake because at this point, there’s no going back. For Example, if your walls are going to be white, make your furniture and dark. If you have paintings and other household stuff of light shade, paint the wall darker.

If you have kids, turn their room into more creative place by posting wall stickers that you can get for pretty less. The rug, bedsheets, lamp cover, all have to be similar or the aura will come out in bad taste. You don’t want your friends laughing over silly little things you forgot to pay attention to.

The best thing about DIY is you can keep on adding better stuff to your home. As its not a complete overhaul, you wouldn’t have to spend big bucks either. Just check your pockets, couple of hundred bucks, bought this and that, done! Mohit Bansal Chandigarh, the real estate advisor says knowing DIY for homeowner is a must, one must add their creativity with others to bring about attractive changes.

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