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Mohit Bansal Chandigarh
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If there’s anything we’ve learned through our several lockdowns, it’s that our houses could all run a little more smoothly. Mondays spent hastily applying make-up in front of every corridor mirror were fine when we all had to rush out the gate to catch our passenger train, but now that we’re working remotely – implying our drive to work takes each of 2 minutes – we have much more capacity to complete our daily ritual both cognizant and pleasurable. In this instance, what’s the most apparent thing to do? Of course, we’ll invest in a stylish dressing table for our bedroom.

You should be diligent while choosing your ideal bedroom dressing table decor since it is not only a liberated personal place for daily skincare regimen but also an important part of your home’s interior decor. On the one hand, the proper sort of dressing table can help you avoid rummaging through handbags for your beloved gloss, and on the other, it will allow you to live out your famous ideal of having your own cosmetic station.


Modern bedroom dressing table ideas don’t have to be complex, especially if you just have a modest cosmetics collection. Take a look at this ultra-simple dressing room, for example. The mirror is the main attraction in this room. The charcoal grey drawer and chair perfectly complement the modern drawing-understated room’s appeal. You may opt to keep your cosmetics and perfume bottles on display or store them away when not in use. To save space and add elegance to your dressing area, invest in this simple and stylish dressing table.

Vintage dressing tables in wood

Vintage dressing tables in wood | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Trends are coming and going, but the table of solid wood is ageless. A sturdy wooden ground unit is usually paired with a circular mirror in most wooden dressing table ideas for rooms. If you want something different, you may use wooden structures with a full-length mirror connected to them. Along the height of the dresser, hang some filmy spotlights or a marble top light. On the frame, create a few slots and hang them on the wall. It also doesn’t have to be a rectangle all of the time. You may give your carpenter some leeway by including some curved cuts into the wood.

Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

 Classic Opulent Dressing Table Style

This modern makeup vanity set has a sleek design that will go with any modern décor. A large countertop and two drawers give plenty of space for your cosmetics, jewellery, and everyday items. The dressing table, rotatable mirror, and hollowed bird nest seat are all included in this set, ensuring a pleasurable cosmetic session. It’s made of excellent velvet, fiberboard, and aluminum, so it’ll last a long time and provide a lot of support. This cosmetics vanity belongs in your living room.

 Classic Opulent Dressing Table Style | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Corner Makeup Vanity

With this flexible make-up vanity table, you’ll be set to start your day. It has a clever corner design that helps you save space. Aside from that, this table has  drawers, a sliding cupboard, and plenty of compartments to store all of your cosmetics and jewellery. This dressing table, made of manufactured wood and wood overlays, has both purpose and charm. The makeup vanity combines fashion and elegance to match any style of any room, perfect for your bedrooms. 

Corner Makeup Vanity | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Modern Round Wall-Mount Makeup Vanity

This cosmetics vanity has a luxurious touch to it, with elegant geometric forms that mix in nicely with any modern décor. This vanity table has a lot of storage space for your everyday items. The mirror on the dressing table may be moved to the left and right. Furthermore, this vanity table comes with a cushioned stool that is also quite pleasant to sit on. The wall-mount style is perfect for compact spaces since it saves room. With this beautiful grey vanity set, you can get some much-needed personal grooming space.

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