Five Quick and Simple Diwali House Decoration Ideas

Five Quick and Simple Diwali House Decoration Ideas Mohit Bansal Chandigarh
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Diwali is one of those festivals where the whole house is decorated and all of us want our home to shine bright and give a very warm feel to our guests. Diwali is on 24th October and if you do not have time to re-decorate your house do not worry we have solutions for you.  All you need to buy

Here are five quick and simple Diwali house decoration ideas – 

1. Cost-effective paper garlands 

Cost-effective paper garlands Mohit Bansal Chandigarh 

A paper cup garland is one Diwali decoration that’s always in style. You can leave it hanging after Diwali is over, if not all year long! For this, it is advised to use LED lights rather than fairy lights because the paper can catch fire if the fairy lights get too hot.  On to the making now! Supplies and method: Wrap your paper cups with your preferred artistic paper. Make an O mark on the bottom of the cups once it is finished, then cut it with a knife. Keep the aperture for your light bulbs in your Diwali decorating lights small to prevent the paper cups from falling off. Put the bulbs in each paper cup at the base. Continue doing this until you have wrapped the garland completely.

2. Tea candles 

Tea candles Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Although tealight candles are a traditional part of Diwali decor, their grey metal holders might make them appear a little flat. Washi tapes are the answer to this problem! Select your favourite washi tapes and wrap them around the tealight because their width perfectly matches that of the holders. To make the tapes more colourful, keep them diverse. 

3. Bag lights 

Bag lights Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Paper bag luminaries are excellent for adding a cosy atmosphere and shine to battery-operated candles (caution: avoid using real candles to prevent the possibility of a fire). Who would have thought that the plain brown paper bags could be transformed into something so lovely? Simply poke a decorative hole through your paper and insert your candle to make paper bag luminaries. If you don’t have a decorative punch, don’t worry—using a safety pin or needle to puncture the paper bags still works. In order to have a more dramatic effect, make as many as you can. 

4. Mehndi decorated candles 

Mehndi decorated candles Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Make your ordinary candle festive and colourful by adding decorations! As a decent approach to celebrate and light up your community, this adds a classic Deepavali décor. For your “canvas,” pick a large candle that is at least 5 cm in diameter (anything smaller would be very difficult to decorate), and use a henna cone to draw your design on it. After it has dried, coat your henna-decorated candle with a mixture of PVC glue and a little water using a brush. To ensure that your henna stays in place, add another coating of glue once the initial application has set. 

5. Jar lights 

Jar lights Mohit Bansal Chandigarh 

This is really a treasure. Elegant results that are quick and simple to create. Choose a couple of mason jars of different sizes, decorate them with yarns, laces, or ribbons, and then insert your candle and its holder.

If laces and yarns aren’t your thing, paint the jars and channel your inner Gustav Klimt to make elaborate patterns instead. Use an acrylic paint that is suitable for a glass surface for the best effects.

These were some of the ideas which can be useful for Diwali decorations

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