5 Ways To Make More Space In Your Living Room

5 ways to make more space in your living room Mohit Bansal Chandigarh
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In small homes, the struggle for space never ends. Particularly, it is intended that the living areas will be fully furnished while still appearing large. Compact areas have the inherent drawback of leaving limited room for experimentation. We all know that when the necessity arises we immediately get on board to find the solution. In regards to small spaces, in particular, it is valid. To help you make your living room be more spacious here are 5 tips for the same –  

1. Furniture can play a huge role in making your living space look bigger

Furniture can play a huge role in making your living space look bigger | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

We all adhere to the maxim, “the less furniture, the bigger the room.” Yes, following this guideline is a good idea. It might be challenging to implement, though, as the living room is a place for gatherings and calls for much more than just a chair and a table. Let us now discuss the many furniture categories that are ideal for small living rooms. In essence, floating furniture is wall-mounted furniture. TV units are the most well-liked items in this category. Installing a floating TV unit will make the heavy entertainment units obsolete. It is tidy, practical, and makes excellent use of available space. As the name implies, multi-functional furniture serves a variety of functions. It will, of course, conserve space.  Large area rugs can give a small room more structure and make them look spacious if they are strategically positioned. It offers the furnishings a platform and separates them from the other items in the room. To add a fashionable rug that is sizable enough to fit all the legs of your furniture.

2. Do not crowd your living room by using lots of colors 

 Do not crowd your living room by using lots of colors  | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

It’s possible to create illusions with paint. The greatest chance for opening up small areas is to choose the appropriate color scheme. For small living rooms,  we advise using a neutral color scheme with white and shades of grey, tans, browns, beige, etc. Using these light-reflecting neutral hues across the space gives the impression that the space is spacious and bright.

If you don’t like whites and greys, you can instead attempt muted colors with a hint of brightness, such as sage green, pastel blue, and peach.

3. Mirrors are the traditional way to create delusions 

Mirrors are the traditional way to create delusions | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Mirrors and paint both give the impression of more space. Mirrors reflect light, thus using them in small rooms gives the impression that the space is spacious and well-lit. Mirrors and wood are used to frame the furnishings in this living room. This design gives a dramatic effect of visual intrigue in addition to keeping the space bright and roomy.

You can always use a plain, huge mirror panel if this kind of flair is not your thing.

4. Use the floors and walls as well 

Use the floors and walls as well | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

The floor in your living room is with the highest impact because it occupies a sizable quantity of space. Use a single flooring type, such as wood or carpet, throughout your living room and any adjacent rooms to visually enlarge the room and provide a sense of continuity in your design. In the same vein, avoid drawing attention to yourself with striking floor coverings. Use furniture with legs, such as sofas and cupboards, to make the floor disappear beneath it rather than abruptly halting at a wall of wood or cloth. The physical and visible dimensions of a room are determined by the point where the walls and floor meet. Your walls cannot be moved without hiring a construction company, but using living room decor that highlights the height of the wall will attract the eye upward and make the space appear larger. To do this, hang floor-length curtains closely to the ceiling, create crown molding, or use tall bookcases to make people glance up.

5. An attraction point in the living room 

An attraction point in the living room | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

 To divert attention from the size of the room, emphasize a focal point or accent piece. This might be anything from a mantle to a dramatic piece of furniture that contrasts with the other walls to a feature wall. The addition of a contrasting accessory is an additional choice. Look for a piece that has a different design from the rest of your decor. For instance, if classic works are your mainstay, try something avant-garde, like some modern art. The center point of your room should be something traditional, like an antique armoire, if you want minimalist modern furnishings. 

Here were some of the ways in which you can make your living room look bigger. All of these ways are easy to follow as well without needing any major construction. 

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