5 Celebrity Homes in India to Bookmark for Design Inspiration

5 Celebrity Homes in India to Bookmark for Design Inspiration
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Celebrity homes are a huge inspiration because we see celebrities are generally the ones who set the trend and that’s why we try to find inspiration from them be it their fashion or their amazing and gorgeous homes. Architectural Digest has a youtube channel for India as well which showcases many celebrities’ home tours. Here are 5 celebrity homes in India to bookmark for design inspiration – 

1. Gauri Khan and Sharukh Khan’s mannat! 

Gauri Khan and Sharukh Khan’s mannat! | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

One of India’s most well-known celebrities, SRK, and his wife Gauri live in Mannat, maybe Bandra’s most recognizable landmark. The area outside of their house is constantly thronged with anxious admirers wanting to catch a sight of their favourite star and is not simply a tourist attraction. Inside Mannat, which opens to views of the sea, are artefacts, hand-selected furnishings, and a fusion of Italian, Neo-Classical, and Indian design elements. Together with architect-designer Kaif Faquih, Gauri Khan, who owns her own design business, meticulously transformed Mannat into a magnificently curated residence of a distinctive style, grace, and maximalist grandeur. 

2. John Abraham’s house which touches the sky 

John Abraham's house which touches the sky | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

John Abraham’s opulent Bandra West penthouse, known as the “villa in the sky,” is part of a residential complex where two flats were combined to create a single contemporary two-story unit. Its 4,000 square feet of floor-to-ceiling windows provide uninterrupted views of the Arabian Sea. The modern house was conceptualized by Alan John and designed by the family business Abraham John. This home is an award-winning and undoubtedly envious-inspiring space because of the team’s utilization of local timber and environmentally friendly construction methods whenever possible. 

3. Lisa Ray beautiful home 

Lisa Ray beautiful home | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

It’s uncommon to find a tranquil hideaway in the middle of a chaotic city like Mumbai. But Lisa Ray stumbled onto a sizable, covered outdoor area in Bandra and made the decision to make it her haven. After admiring Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi’s aesthetics at his Goan home, she hired him to do the interior design. “I wanted the flat to seem lived in like it was an ancient home that had been passed down,” the owner said. The house features a warm, friendly Wabi Sabi design aesthetic. This house has a calm atmosphere thanks to the custom furnishings, Goan and Jaipur accent pieces, artwork, and planters. 

4. The bachelor home of sidharth malhotara

Lisa Ray beautiful home | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Sidharth’s home, a chic bachelor pad created by Gauri Khan, includes masculine accents, luxurious furnishings, fine furniture pieces, and more that go in seamlessly with his Bandra residence. The design, which is dominated by black, brown, and cream hues, has floor-to-ceiling windows to maximize views of the city and the sea. A walk-in closet, mirrored walls, and a cosy space for some leisure are all features of a Bollywood star’s house, and the actor has his dog Oscar to keep him company in this chic pad. 

5. Kareen Kapoor and saif Ali khan

Kareen Kapoor and saif Ali khan | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Kareena and Saif, another famous power couple with a child on the way and a boy named Taimur, reside in Bandra. The family lives in a four-bedroom apartment in a high-rise in Bandra, with a second apartment in the same building serving as Saif’s workspace and Taimur’s play area. The room is mostly decorated in dark colours, although Taimur’s toys and room are coloured. The home of Saif and Kareena is cosier, more understated, cosy, and lived in, with a ton of old furniture, lamps, carpets, books, and images. 

So these were some of the amazing homes you should definitely draw attention from! 

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