10 Surprising Designer Wall Decor Tips

10 Surprising Designer Wall Decor Tips Mohit Bansal Chandigarh
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Wall decor is important to enhance the looks of your wall so that they do not look plain in front of every other decor item present in your house. It also gives your guests an area to look at and admire and if decorated uniquely it can be a unique thing to look at and can be the centre of attraction for your house. 

Here are 10 tips for wall decor – 

1. Buy statement pieces 

The gravitational effect of huge artwork may enhance any space. Without taking away from the other elements in the room, it provides a clear, well-balanced focal point. If it is a statement piece and a large piece it will be and can be a conversation starter for you and the graphic elegance your artwork incorporates into the space is another benefit.  A large photograph or a picture displayed at eye level will have the greatest impact. Perhaps you could even try creating some simple abstract art on your own. With straightforward shapes and colour schemes, abstract minimalism is a very basic style to grasp. 

2. Create a Gallery wall 

Can’t decide between one piece of art; perhaps you would prefer a well-chosen gallery mix? Create an art gallery display on your wall.

If the frames are equally spaced, the same size, and colour, and have the same backing, an asymmetrical display design is enhanced.

Go against the grain, though, and combine a ragtag group of framed images, paintings, and illustrations at various scales for an eclectic fusion.

Play around with print media and carry calligraphy with you! The artistic calligraphy includes Japanese brush typefaces, Chinese characters inspired by nature, and Islamic metal inlays on marble, all of which are excellent possibilities for wall décor. Or what you can do is even create a gallery of your own photos on the wall. 

3. Create a scenery 

Sometimes a large piece of art can appear flat on its own.

Introduce a chair off to the side after adding something tall, such as a sizable artwork leaning against the wall to heighten the room’s height.

To add depth to the scene, hang a pendant lamp over a stack of books or place one next to it. If there isn’t enough room, switch out the chair for a stool or ottoman for a comparable result.

4. A console table is always happy 

In the foyer, living room, bedroom, or in front of an empty wall, the adaptable console table is always welcome.

Instead of leaving it empty, arrange the art frames in a stack for your guests to browse, or attach them directly over the console. You can even scatter beautiful planters and elegant lanterns on the table, but not all of them at once.

Thus, consoles can provide a “moment” where you are compelled to pause and watch. And do not forget it always provides a chance for more storage. 

5. Wallpapers 

Wallpapers may transform bare walls into neutral, minimalist aesthetic or dramatic, graphic statement pieces.

In this pandemic period, bold graphics, modern geometric patterns, modest chintz, biophilic landscapes, jungle motifs, tranquil prints, and delicately flowered wallpapers are a tribute to escape. Everyone can find something.

6. Mouldings for your wall 

Trimmings and mouldings may give blank walls a rich personality and intricate details. The traditional-streamlined design of mouldings, which range from picture-frame wall moulding to baseboard flat profiles, eliminates the need for unnecessary frills. Seasonal elements like fluted walls produce hazy, undulating outlines that catch light in the most intriguing manner. 

7. Overdo your walls 

They have a high shine. They have vigour. They bring Bollywood glamour into your house. The walls are lacquered!

They will halt your guests in their tracks because of their extravagantness!

Lacquered paint colours, however, are fantastic for dark walls to reflect light off of chandeliers, pendant lights, and candles, and they’re shockingly simple and affordable to obtain.

Reds are overpowering and conventional, but lacquered walls in deep blues and greens will exude a magical, melancholy atmosphere.

8. The antiques on your wall

On a white wall, distinctive architectural features can seize the viewer’s attention right away.

In Burma, India, Indonesia, Morocco, and Turkey, to name a few, intricate details of flora, fauna, themes, and folklore extracts are meticulously etched onto doors, windows, and wooden panels.

This classic painting, which has a lot of personalities, can add a touch of old-world grandeur to an empty wall.

They look fantastic as the background for dining rooms, living room walls, and bed headboards.

9. Who said rugs are only for floors? 

stumbled onto a rug that is too lovely to walk on? Then buy it and use it on your walls.  Rugs that are woven, braided, or knotted have gorgeous textures, elaborate patterns, and vibrant colours that make them the perfect canvas for wall art.

A floor ornament mounted on a wall will also undoubtedly impress and pique visitors’ interest. 

Also, excellent discussion starters are native or vintage tapestries that convey a tale. Exquisite silk rugs are enduringly popular as window coverings.

Feeling a little bohemian? A unique wall hanging could be a patchwork quilt or a quirky tasselled blanket. There are some lovely decoration ideas on Etsy.

10. Nature 

Smart pockets of greenery give fresh fragrances in addition to being visually appealing!

A green wall is undoubtedly a “blooming” option for a blank wall now that nature is being welcomed into the globe.

Planting a few climbers in a dip at the foot of the wall and letting them “creep up” to cover your wall in a lush green jacket is the simplest method.

Even some grass or blooming plants can be added to these creepers to add depth and colour. Simple wall-mounted planters or more sophisticated hydroponic systems can be used to integrate these. But before committing to a living wall, it’s wise to think it through from all angles, advises House Beautiful.

So these were some of the ideas which you can use to decorate your wall. 

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